Monthly Archive:: September 2012

Xbox 360 Slim

XBox 360 Slim has been revealed. As promised, Microsoft unveiled the new XBox 360 slim which is much smaller and sleeker than the previous XBox. It has a 250 GB Hard drive and is priced at $299 only.This is primarily why you’d notice Xbox giveaways and why Microsoft incurs a loss with each gaming device it ...Read More

Top 20 Watches for Men

The best watch review site on today’s market! You’ve made the right choice by visiting my website. we have quickly become a top tier watch seller and review site thanks to good people like yourself. you can also Buy or Sell Richard Mille Watches which are pretty awesome I have done my ...Read More

Depositphotos Free and Premium Stock Photos

What do you do when you are in need of some premium high quality images for your project? Most of you would answer that you go to Google Images and search for a particular keyword of your choice to get some images.. is a stock images agency dedicated to royalty-free stock photos. Let’s look at some ...Read More

The Photo Session in Room

Spring and summer room The Room invited Emilio Tini (Emilio Tini) to shoot photo stories about fashion and nature.Participated in a photo shoot , Liu Wen (Liu Wen), Pulo Anais (Anais Pouliot), Kerell Jansen (Querelle Jansen),Kathleen Aas (Katlin Aas), Marik Schimmel (Marique Schimmel), Christina Salinovich (Kristina Salinovic), Colin Michaels (Colinne Michaels ), Josephine Rodermans (Josefin Rodermans), Medimin Ritland (Madisyn Ritland) and Emeline Zhesker (Emeline Ghesquière). Models tried on dresses from Jil Sander, Celine, Stella McCartney and ...Read More