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Creative Christmas Trees

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Before the new year only a little less than a month, so that when the time comes that we all rush to the shops, look for gifts, and of course, buy a Christmas tree, toys and tinsel. For those who like to experiment – this is the most opportune time, because you have great opportunities. For example, you can trim the tree ambiguous or contrary to the Christmas tree is unusual, as did the authors listed below.

This article provides best examples of creative Christmas trees, which were created by hand.

Christmas tree created from empty cans of drink Moutain Dew

Christmas tree made of glass

Christmas tree made out of champagne corks

Christmas improvisation with shelves

Tree of black-and-white ribbons

use of additional non-existing space to create a complete track

Christmas tree with white balloons

Elka from an old construction paper

Christmas tree in a Japanese style with the presence of land

Glowing Tree of LED

Christmas tree created from the old cassettes and CDs

Christmas tree for all gamers, created in the style of Pac-Man

Christmas tree of cells

Christmas tree for the motorist , made from old tires

A past that tree is unlikely to pass by any man, because it is created only from bottles Heineken

But this tree was created specifically for girls.

Christmas tree with symbols in Beirut 

Christmas pyramid-tree from the company Swarovski

Christmas madness in Varna

Christmas tree on the slopes

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