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Fresh Colors for Web Design that will Help the Visitor to Click a Button

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People are still debating whether the main content. If you ask me, I totally agree with them, and my opinion is based on my own experience. Although he is a dominant or not, there is something just as important! What’s that, you ask?I know everyone likes to say, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” But how else do you plan to attract the attention of someone , if not the original cover? Obviously, when you have attracted someone’s attention, other efforts you can spend on maintenance. We are concerned about the fresh colors of web design, and how to manage them.

The first impression you make only once

There is always the one specific action you want to make to your website visitors. This action, in which you make the greatest emphasis. This can be a subscribe button, the button “continue”, or the “Buy” button.

Whatever the key, always remember that what they click on it or not depends on the feelings experienced by the visitor when they find your site.

In this article you will learn about the 5 most popular colors that will make your site visitors interested and intrigued.

«Pinterest» uses a lot of red shades

Image: Roxanne Ready

No doubt red is the hottest color. If you look at the color palette «Pinterest», you will immediately notice that the red is their primary color.

Red is often associated with love. It is a strong and vibrant color that can make you feel the love in anything that is close to that color.

This color is often found in the design of the shares, as his intensity creates a sense of urgency.

Above all, this intense color can cause in visitors a sense of excitement and encouragement. But at the same time it can discourage and be on it, so you should always be careful.

Use red, for emphasis in your web design. He combines well with white, gray, light blue or silver.

A practical example of the use of red:

I bet you did not know:

The human eye sees red when he looks at the light with a wavelength between 630 and 700 nanometers.Light above this range is called infrared, and is not perceived by the human eye, but it can be identified as heat. - Wikipedia

Greater use of the palette of red ( for jimjim421 ):

10 associations with red:

  • blood
  • war
  • fire
  • masculinity
  • passion
  • seduction
  • anger
  • coercion
  • energy
  • bravery

“ Amazon ”like deep orange:

Image:  William Christiansen

Orange – warm and active color, but not as intense as red. Orange – warm rather than hot.

Brimming with energy, this bright color calls, and does not force or forces, people act. Orange only sometimes perceived as intense – it encourages such activities, how to buy, subscribe, sell or follow. We recommend using the orange color, if after visiting your site you want to leave the guest feeling of motivation, joy, creativity, and completeness of enthusiasm.

A practical example of the use of orange:

Greater use of the orange palette  manekineko :

 10 associations with orange:

  •  optimism
  • definition
  • fire
  • warning
  • autumn
  • religion
  • endurance
  • compassion
  • Halloween
  • organism

 Blue color facebook creates a sense of security:

Image   Rishi Bandopadhay

You can find a lot of business and corporate web sites using blue. This color is usually associated withsomething reliable, safe, a feeling of trust and experience. So, not surprised by the fact that every businessman who cares about what impression he left on the site of the firm, prefers blue. Blue creates a feeling completely opposite from those red leaves. Blue calms us, and we do not have to worry that it would be too much.

A practical example of the use of blue:

I bet you did not know:

The poll, which was conducted in Germany and published in 2009 showed that the blue – a favorite color of 46 percent of men and 44 percent women. -  Wikipedia

Greater use of the blue color palette  entitydesigns :

10 associations with blue:

  • truthfulness
  • friendliness
  • magic
  • boys
  • ice
  • gratuitousness
  • winter
  • police
  • sky
  • water

Power green on  «Groupon»

Feel now extremely optimistic? Let me guess – you’re looking at something green? Perhaps you are just looking for a green plant – is, of course, you rest, and forced to look at things optimistically.

All those who in some way related to ecology, has more opportunities to use green color to create their own sites. Note the $ 100 bill. It dominates green! Sites such as Groupon, also have enough green in your brand, because they deal directly with money. The green color is very refreshing and relaxing, leaving the public’s sense of balance and inspiration. It represents a balance and harmony in design.

A practical example of the use of green color:

I bet you did not know:

In some languages, including starokitayskom, Thai, staroyaponskom and Vietnamese, the same word can also mean blue, and green. There is no natural source for green food coloring, which would be approved by the organization of the control of the Food and Drug Administration. - Wikipedia

Greater use of green on  Skybluue2u :

10 associations with green:

  • money
  • greed
  • growth
  • envy
  • nature
  • spring
  • health
  • youth
  • grass
  • hope

 Yahoo! and purple on their logo

Image:  Yahoo!

Violet is most often associated with concepts such as imagination, creativity, dignity, honor and wealth.Bright shades of purple at most associated with spring and romance, while its darker tones are associated with luxury and wealth. Purple is the color used in the beautiful and fashionable models of bed linen, because it calms purple than any other color. It is considered the most feminine and romantic than the male flowers. When you look at things purple it seems clearly artificial, it is because this color found in nature is very rare. As well as red, purple people find too strong and bright, it makes them feel forced to anything, he seems to be pushing to take a specific action. Therefore, it would effectively combine this color with black or white colors.

A practical example of the use of purple:

I bet you did not know:

In April 2007, scientists have suggested that early archaea may have used a purple pigment on the basis of chlorophyll, so that would absorb the energy of the sun. If this were true, then large areas of the oceans and coastlines would be purple. This theory is called “purple Earth hypothesis.” - Wikipedia

Greater use of purple on Miaka

 10 associations with purple

  • wealth
  • generosity
  • generosity
  • refinement
  • romance
  • art
  • exotics
  • spirituality
  • luxury
  • femininity

1WD wise usage of monochrome colors

Usually monochrome colors such as white, black, dark gray and light gray should be used as a background in the design with existing and properly positioned accents colors that are brighter and more saturated. Take a look at the site, 1stwebdesigner – 1WD. They also use the color orange as a bright accent colors – but only in harmony with the dark gray and light gray tones. And of course, white, (the background color of the site). The black color will always be modern, mystery, elegance and power. Gray – a neutral color, which is something quiet and virtually unknown, like a shadow. Since gray can sometimes look dirty, it will create a white opposite effect. White identifies purity, openness, simplicity and minimalism.

A practical example of the use of monochrome color:

I bet you did not know:

Monochrome digital photography covers only shades of black, which takes sensor camera. In post-processing of color images can be converted to the perceived brightness by combining a number of different channels. - Wikipedia

Greater use of monochrome palette  munsteri

10 associations with monochrome colors

  • power
  • elegance
  • space
  • softness
  • sky
  • world
  • innocence
  • pessimism
  • depression
  • boredom

And what is your favorite color? And what are the feelings and emotions you have this cause?

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