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40+ Picture Gallery of Smartphone Photography

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How do you make and create great photography? Most people think that it’s not just the subject of our image, But also the style and different dimensions and equipment used to take the picture in effect. Photography, like most of the artworks, is most likely depends on the perception of a true artist and many people wont even look at a certain picture but many people would love to take pictures like the ones I’m talking about. One important thing about photography is that the technology and the styling trends are always and keeps  changing like weather seasons.

If one of you people have a cell phone, probably a smartphone, then you probably have taken some pictures, they can be random, they can be of your friends or family and list goes on and on. As our technology and techniques moves ahead, the qualities associated with mobile phone pictures have increased much more then ever. With some help of useful Apps like Instagram, Pudding Camera, and others, we’re now able to take some awesome pictures and images from our cell phone cameras. This technique is mostly referred to as the art of Phoneography (Droidography, iPhoneography etc).

So today, we have collected a stunning round-up of some spectacular awesome examples of Phoneography which was and is being shared around the internet. It’s time to get familiarized with the cameras of your smart-phones and cellphones or iPhones and start taking awesome pictures! Enjoy!

Jewellery Box by DistortedSmile


Apoca by arvela

Benevolent kidney beans from the future by doctor-a

Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City by spooneb

Caught by elizabethunseelie

Coming down by Ray-K

Day 9 by zootnik

Dreams in the Bones by elizabethunseelie

Droiding the ‘Lude 10 by P. Lachaine

Eyes Like Daggers by Sinéad McKeown

Fan Blades by curtfleenor

iPhone – Gropptorp 1 by alexanderlindelof

Hogmany Spark by elizabethunseelie

In a Cloud Sandwich by Sinéad McKeown

Iphonegraphy by MTHH

Rock Bottom by Gerald-Bostock

Isla Canela, Spain by ChihiroArt

Istanbul 2011 by Alharith

Marie Antoinette’s Hideaway by elizabethunseelie

Moment future by arvela

Multiplying by 2zl

Netted by elizabethunseelie

Putting Down Roots by Droidography

Rufus by texasguitarslinger

Snow no05 by dawgama

Spring Snow by Kotryyyna

Spring is Here by contradictionofsorts

Stopped for the Sun by ActiveSlacker

Storm Over Kansas City by spooneb

Suburban Scape by Nakeva

Sunset at Lakewood by spooneb

Sunset v1, South Shore Harbor Bridg by Nakeva

T2 Ladder by xliredbaron02

The Cheetah Next to Me by mb-neo

Thunderous Waves by september28

Times-A-Ticking by XxMoonlit-UchihaxX

Tiny Teen in the Light by Felipa-de-Noailles

Transmission Failure by Sinéad McKeown

Untitled by Hugo Quintero

Winter Wonderland by Xenabaiche

zoonaar by orgildinho

Iphonegraphy by MTHH

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