Creative Infrared Photos

Filters to create infrared photography can create a truly unique work. Typically, this type of photography is not much different from the usual, the only difference is that the camera is sensitive to infrared light beams, and the composition and the main light zhe.Takim remain the way, the camera can capture the light, ...Read More

Plugins for WordPress

Any WordPress user knows how different can be useful plugins. They extend the capabilities of the system to help manage the content of the site and make it easy steps.Today we look at some of the most popular and common plugins. To organize your plugins are divided into several categories. Comments   Akismet  -  this plug-in ...Read More

Use Color in Web Design – With Examples

The choice of color – one of the most important parts of any web design. With colors, designers can create the impression, emotion, style site. It is because the color is so important, designers must understand the meaning of different colors to be able to provide to the audience through them numerous messages. This ...Read More

Stunning Web Design in Food Industry

When you recall a favorite restaurant or coffee shop, the last thing that comes to mind, so is the web sites of these institutions. Today, I want a little treat you, dear readers, web design the most important brands in the food industry. In addition, you will recall that recently published McDonald’s Red Robin ...Read More

20 Creative Web Design

Every day on the Internet there is a huge number of sites, but the criteria for selection of the most successful examples of implementation are high-quality content and unique web design.This article provides 20 examples of creative web design and i’m sure that the following screenshots of sites returned faith in creativity. Glitch ...Read More

Unique Lessons of Photoshop a Christmas Theme

That’s approaching a fantastic time for New Year celebrations. Despite the fact that in the last week of the year the number of cases has increased, yet must not forget to congratulate our friends, family and colleagues colorful postcards and wallpaper, which will warm the soul, and they take a lot of bright ...Read More

Useful Tools for Designers and Developers

Every day there are new users useful tools and resources for designers and developers of sites. But not always, web designers have the time and the opportunity to follow all the new products. That’s why we have prepared a short summary with useful resources that are likely to be useful to you and facilitate ...Read More