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Responsive, Efficient and Engaging – Essential Design Elements

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Ever went online, knowing specifically what activity in France you would like to do and know what website to search for? This was what Alice Rawsthorn tried. Eager to know what exhibitions were scheduled at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris this year, she consulted their website. What did she get? Absolute disappointment. This is a main issue internet surfers encounter when looking for something in the vast World Wide Web.

From the Popular to the Obscure

It would seem logical to take longer when looking for specifics, or of detailed knowledge. It would seem tedious searching for a pizzeria that serves the best pepperoni in Nantes, France, wanting to go to a night club popular to hip-hop lovers not over the age of 27 over at Marseille, or finding a scheduled specific sports tournament like poker while in Cannes for one week in June. The trick is to find a website that would readily and easily provide such specific information. Going back to poker, online gaming leader has a simple design that readily points you to the information you would want to know. The site mixes simple link-based interface with a touch of Flash to easily browse through event highlights, including a link going to details on their World Poker Tour Cannes, and other tournaments. With a few easy clicks, you are quickly directed to details of scheduled World Poker Tour competitions as well as opportunities to play and qualify so you won’t just be a spectator, but a competitor even.

Efficiency and Engagement Plus Responsiveness

Partypoker was able to be successful in the engagement and efficiency aspects of their website. A trip to France would be easily enjoyed thanks to gaming websites like theirs which is easily convertible to different languages, like from English to French. According to Rawsthorn, “In principle, a well-designed Web site needs to deliver its intended function efficiently and engagingly. The most important purpose of Web sites is to enable us to access information, helping us to find it effortlessly is essential.” Another site that has been efficient and engaging is the official website for the Festival de Cannes. You are immediately greeted with their elegant logo and the date of the upcoming festival. The site adds a third important element that is now a requirement for 2013, Responsive Web Design. With a major shift from just PC browsing to multiple gadgets from the Samsung Galaxy Note to the latest Apple iPad, it’s now essential that your audience be able to see your website clearly, properly and smoothly. It would be utterly useless to have an engaging and efficient desktop-friendly website that cannot be viewed properly when a tablet or an iPhone is used. As defined by Mashable, “responsive web design uses media queries to figure out what resolution of device it’s being served on. It is to make a website that works equally well on every device.”

So is your website up to par this 2013. If you’re quite lost, go ahead and check out The Next Web’s list of effective RWDs that you may learn from.

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