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Plugins for WordPress

Any WordPress user knows how different can be useful plugins. They extend the capabilities of the system to help manage the content of the site and make it easy steps.Today we look at some of the most popular and common plugins. To organize your plugins are divided into several categories. Comments   Akismet  -  this plug-in ...Read More

Selection of Best Lessons on CSS

Css gives us a great opportunity – to control the appearance, create beautiful menus, lists, attractive effects. We offer you a selection of classes in CSS. They will help you better learn CSS3 and come across a new idea. Develop an animated photo-walls with CSS Demo Inner Shadow in CSS  Parallax Scrolling effect it ...Read More

35 Best Adaptive WordPress Themes

More and more people recently viewed Web sites using smartphones, tablets and mobile phones. Therefore, more attention is paid to correct appearance and use of adaptive partitioning. Use of adaptive WordPress themes helps to automatically adjust the layout and structure of the page under any screen resolution and properly display sites as a computer ...Read More