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Amazing WordPress Themes With Image Sliders

In past articles I’ve talked that WordPress is useful for all sort of websites. I had displayed you the amazing WordPress themes for every one of those who work with photography. Besides now we have something comparative. The aforementioned themes could be utilized for different types of resources. The aforementioned are the ...Read More

Select Color in Photoshop CS6

In this lesson we will learn to take a photograph with a partial coloring. This technique helps to focus on a single site to convey the mood of the image and makes lively and compelling. And we will be highlighted in color with Photoshop CS6. We have a picture with a red box and ...Read More

18 Best WordPress Gallery Plugin Portfolio

Well you might have noticed, all the developers are making and creating websites with great impact these days and with minimal design structure also a better professional design gallery to display their portfolios and artworks so that others can notice their work by simple opening up the website. Which can give them ...Read More

Astonising WordPress Gallery Themes for Portfolio

If you do it right way, you can understand that showcasing your work and portfolio’s different and unique from the others or competitors can be the best tactic you can do. So you’d be lucky to find this article because in this article we have collected a wide range of wordpress popular themes which showcase ...Read More