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Beautiful WordPress Themes For Your New Website

Regarding the matter of wordpress themes, there are different plausible outcomes to get them. Initially alternative in the decision of your WordPress themes, the free result. Just type “free wordpress theme” on Google to acknowledge that there is a limitless number of unlimited themes on the web for all needs and all ...Read More

Use Complex Textures in Web Design

Today I talk about the massive use of graphics on the site, and specifically about the textures, patterns and complex transitions. In fact, the main thing here is not to over do it, which unfortunately rarely obtained.Below are best examples of correct and harmonious use of textures. Of course, there is the lack of ...Read More

25 New Tools, Scripts and Frameworks for Web Designers

Every month countless tools, scripts and plugins appears to make the web designer’s life easier. Last month I searched for so many tools and they can’t be presented just to one list in a single post. So i will created some more lists of web design tools. Now in this post i will summarize a ...Read More

Depositphotos Free and Premium Stock Photos

What do you do when you are in need of some premium high quality images for your project? Most of you would answer that you go to Google Images and search for a particular keyword of your choice to get some images.. is a stock images agency dedicated to royalty-free stock photos. Let’s look at some ...Read More

12 Awesome Themes for Google Chrome Browser

Today, every Internet user knows what Google Chrome is. Despite the relatively young age of the browser, the first version which was released in mid-2008, its a wonderful tool for “surfing” the Internet and a great tool to assist in the development of Web sites. In many ways, this contributed to the modernization of ...Read More