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20 Street Photography

Street photography is the most intriguing yet disregarded types in imaging. Catching structural engineering, people in passing, odd portions, and interesting signage, these photographers are at the highest point of their diversion. They’re not restricted by using film or digital, shooting black and white or shade, or having available light. They photo ...Read More

Amazing WordPress Themes With Image Sliders

In past articles I’ve talked that WordPress is useful for all sort of websites. I had displayed you the amazing WordPress themes for every one of those who work with photography. Besides now we have something comparative. The aforementioned themes could be utilized for different types of resources. The aforementioned are the ...Read More

Rosie Hardy. Self-portraits

Rosie Hardy ( Rosie Hardy ) – a photographer from the city of Manchester, which is in the UK. Woman photographing weddings, portraits, offers online workshops on photography and retouching. But it is not often we get to see the photographer caught on tape. Even more rarely do they avtoportretirovaniem. And this is exactly what I offer you now ...Read More

15 Inspiring Graphics Art Work

It is a branch of fine art, graphic art covers a broad range of art forms. Graphic art is typically two-dimensional and includes calligraphy, photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, lithography, typography, serigraph (silk-screen printing), and bindery. Graphic art blends drawn plans and layouts for interior and architectural designs. Graphic artists in today’s market ...Read More

40+ Picture Gallery of Smartphone Photography

How do you make and create great photography? Most people think that it’s not just the subject of our image, But also the style and different dimensions and equipment used to take the picture in effect. Photography, like most of the artworks, is most likely depends on the perception of a true artist ...Read More