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Big Collection of Free Old English Fonts

Fonts are an essential component that helps in improving the beauty of the website and making everything more eye-getting. The web designers have a important job of picking an attractive font style for the website they are developing. The web designers have the option of advancing a font style for the project ...Read More

12 Innovative Sites Inspired by Web Designers

Innovative and unique Web site designs are refreshing on the eye, and frankly can get people enjoyed. We’ve compiled some of our best and put them all in one place, here are our editor’s picks for the Top 12 Innovative Websites of 2013 based on visual artistry, integrated sound, ease of use, and ...Read More

Useful PSD Website Templates for Free Download

Designing a website from scratch tends to be a different job for a novice as well as for advanced web designers especially when the creative concepts are not popping up. It does not only demands unique ideas and professional skills but a lot of challenging effort and time as well. Using some ...Read More

Use Color in Web Design – With Examples

The choice of color – one of the most important parts of any web design. With colors, designers can create the impression, emotion, style site. It is because the color is so important, designers must understand the meaning of different colors to be able to provide to the audience through them numerous messages. This ...Read More

Useful Tools for Designers and Developers

Every day there are new users useful tools and resources for designers and developers of sites. But not always, web designers have the time and the opportunity to follow all the new products. That’s why we have prepared a short summary with useful resources that are likely to be useful to you and facilitate ...Read More

25 New Tools, Scripts and Frameworks for Web Designers

Every month countless tools, scripts and plugins appears to make the web designer’s life easier. Last month I searched for so many tools and they can’t be presented just to one list in a single post. So i will created some more lists of web design tools. Now in this post i will summarize a ...Read More

Depositphotos Free and Premium Stock Photos

What do you do when you are in need of some premium high quality images for your project? Most of you would answer that you go to Google Images and search for a particular keyword of your choice to get some images.. http://depositphotos.com is a stock images agency dedicated to royalty-free stock photos. Let’s look at some ...Read More