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Use Complex Textures in Web Design

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Today I talk about the massive use of graphics on the site, and specifically about the textures, patterns and complex transitions. In fact, the main thing here is not to over do it, which unfortunately rarely obtained.Below are best examples of correct and harmonious use of textures. Of course, there is the lack of such sites weigh much, but as a consequence of slow-loading, which is not like google, as well as the readability of such sites is usually not very high. So before using a complex design think, and you’ll be able to make everything was up to par.

Five Cent Stand . A simple, but at the same time as the full site design and content, the use of a large number of graphics and textures did not lead to a failure, but rather to create something harmonious and unusual.

Carlos . Dark background full of texture, smoothly flows into the center of the screen.

Fannypack Team . Newspaper style – one of the most difficult, because these sites and so filled with information and overload them a drawing is not necessary, but not in this case. Design turned out as not correct.

Portfolio Web designer Helmy Bern is full of different colors, textures and transitions from one side of the site seems heavy, but on the other hand, it does not prevent him to attract attention.

Studio “3 Culture” uses light and creamy grunge

Agency Ball .  Paper textures and unusual fonts with different sizes.

Tangled Decals . Using a large, one might even say excessive, number of textures and colors.

Sulivan Josh uses textures inspired by nature.

Dog House Cards . Simple modern design with wood texture unobtrusive.

Corvus Art . Colorful design with the use of textures.

Snopp . The minimalist style, the use of cardboard texture background.

Hugs for Monsters . Rich in both color and texture, and on schedule.

Film Kim . In the cap is yellow color overlay pattern to discern the dark places in the site.

Graphic designer Cooper . Geometric shapes, complex background and use patterns to create hats.

Jumbalaya (iPhone and iPad). Use of grunge and texture.

All for the design . The proper use of noise and texture.

Word Refuge . Very simple design, with one hand, but on the other hand the use of textures and patterns makes its charm.

Get App Review . Use a simple background as the paper texture.

Vector Stories . The use of fresh and interactive elements.

Ecoki . Using several different structures.

Appendix Kaleidoscope . The site uses a combination of textures and patterns, as well as unusual large fonts.

Audio Ads . The combination of vintage and creamy texture.

Milli Dowsett on your website using floral prints and light texture.

Francesco Maletstsi . Use of delicate paper textures.

Kritzelmusic . Simple, designed in a minimalist style design, full of textures.

Bright Creative . Simple, full of light and dark brown texture design.

Justincosgrove . The background is not only complex transitions and textures, but also from the shadows. Thus design makes an unusual appearance.

Kylemkramer . And this is a perfect example of how the texture first selects the text, and does not attract attention.

Sprout Fund . As you can see, the area under the content is not particularly design inserts, it is made ??in a simple style, so as not to interfere with users to read, but the cap and sidebar excelled.

Dropr . The use of complex structures, textures, and graphics – 3D volume gives the site.

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