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Useful Tools for Designers and Developers

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Every day there are new users useful tools and resources for designers and developers of sites. But not always, web designers have the time and the opportunity to follow all the new products. That’s why we have prepared a short summary with useful resources that are likely to be useful to you and facilitate the work.

Tools for page layout



This is an online tool that allows you to view and compose the divided layout of Web sites and applications.





Allows you to create a model of the application.

ForeUI is a tool that helps you quickly create a prototype graphical interface of your application. The program includes various GUI elements, and you can create the layout of its interface, using the technology drag and drop. You can also use themes Wireframe, Windows XP or Mac OS X.

Online tool for creating mockups.

Tools to create thumbnails web site authoring.


Fivesecondtest helps identify design elements that attract the viewers attention.

 Useful Applications for Android

WordPress Mobile

With the use of WordPress Mobile, you can easily and conveniently manage and edit their WordPress blogs easily. Notification feature  helps to manage your comments.


With this program you can create, preview, edit pages on the Internet or offline. Upload, download and manage your files via FTP and manage local folders and files.

My Color Guide 

The program allows you to scan color camera phone and compare them with the available colors to create a custom palette, define color names, RGB values, save for the custom color palettes.

Color Dictionary

Application to find the right color. You can enter the English name or code.


Applications for creating fonts.

Android Web Editor Lite

This application allows you to create html, php, javascript, and any other pages, as well as edit existing ones. You can view the finished pages through a mobile browser, after uploading them to our server, or you can quickly view the page. The application is built complete FTP client to work with your FTP files.

Resources with free templates

User Interface Design Framework

Free design of user interface tools for web designers.

Android UI Elements Set

Massive Web UI and Button Set


Components to JQuery

Tools for layout

Android Asset Studio

Online tool for creating icons that can be used in applications for Android.

The Pencil Project

Tool to create diagrams and user interfaces.


MockFlow – an online application for developing sketches of user interfaces for web sites and software.


Text generator for the test site content.


Cacoo  - tool for drawing different diagrams like site maps, network diagrams and more.

Image generator on the site.

Liquid icons

 CSS Layout Generator

Generator models. Allows you to create ????-/????-/????-/???????-/????-?????????? layout with floating or fixed markup. In pixels,% or em.

Grid Designer

Creates a modular grid layout.

Layout Generators

Creates a rubber mesh or multi-column layout. In pixels,% or em.

 Tryit Editor Instant 

Tool for testing HTML-pages


Translation pixels em.

Table of Unicode characters

CSS Type Set

CSS Type Set

Other useful tools


Online image editing application.

Which loads faster


COLOROTATE – color palette in 3D

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